Important Notice to All Worshippers

Due to the extraordinary number of faithful coming to our Cathedral for worship due to the closure of their regular parishes during this time of pandemic, or the imposition of restrictions that otherwise make it impossible to attend their normal places of worship, the number of faithful wishing to attend our regular Divine Services has risen dramatically. While we strive to welcome everyone and provide a spiritual home for those requiring it in this difficult time, we must nevertheless make special efforts to control the numbers of worshippers at each scheduled service, so that we do not exceed the limits set by Government restrictions based on the need to maintain social distancing, etc. For this reason, please take special note of our revised schedule of regular Divine Services for Sunday mornings:


Во имя Отца и Сына и Святаго Духа!

Сегодня и воскресный день, и праздник святых отцов, и праздник мученика Вонифатия, а все же, главная забота сердца, даже православного верующего человека, о грядущем годе. Вот так мы устроены, такие мы, наверное, слабые и немощные, что неопределенность будущего более всего смущает и занимает человеческое сердце.