Paschal Panikhida

Christ is Risen!

Dear Parishioners:

His Grace Bishop Irenei, Rector of our Parish, has kindly requested that this coming Sunday, 23rd April, at the end of the Liturgy we proceed to the Gunnersbury cemetery to serve the Paschal Panikhida there for the Orthodox Christians buried there.

In light of this, our usual Sunday trapeza at the parish house will be replaced by a picnic at the cemetery, while the parish house and the church will be closed immediately after the Liturgy.

You can get to the cemetery by car (3 min) or walk (15 min), address and map are given below.

The cemetery has sufficient parking. Vladyka encourages us to carpool, please arrange in advance if needed.

We gather at the green clearing next to the office immediately on your left as you enter the cemetery.

This is where the Paschal Panikhida is to be served by the clergy and choir. The clergy will then lead us to the individual Orthodox graves censing and singing Paschal hymns. Then we return to the meeting point (green clearing by the office) for the picnic.

The Sisterhood with helpers will try to prepare sandwiches, a salad, hard eggs, and provide also cold meats and wine. Please volunteer to help the Sisterhood with this task.

The address of the cemetery is: 143 Gunnersbury Avenue Acton W3 8LE

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