Diocesan Lenten Appeal to Support our Russian Orthodox Monasteries of the Holy Land

Dear brothers and sisters!

Our monasteries in the Holy Land need our help!

The Russian Ecclesiastical Mission of our Church Abroad has for more than a century been providing care for pilgrims, maintaining the spiritual and material heritage of the Russian Orthodox Church in the Holy Land, and in many other ways fostering the life of prayer and service in the places of Christ’s earthly life.

However, our ROCOR Ecclesiastical Mission in the Holy Land is currently in deep need. The ongoing worldwide pandemic has made pilgrimage to the monasteries essentially impossible, and as the gifts from pilgrims are the main source of income for the monasteries — providing for their food, living supplies and material needs — the result is that, sadly, provisions for the historic monasteries and their inhabitants have drastically deteriorated.

You can help change this situation! With the blessing of His Grace Bishop Irenei of London and Western Europe, our Diocese is organising a special Lenten appeal to support our monastic communities in the Holy Land. We are appealing directly to you, whether you are a parishioner of one of our Diocesan parishes throughout Western Europe, or anywhere else in the world, from any background, who wishes to support these sacred places of pilgrimage in the present time of need. Your donations made as part of this appeal will go directly, and in their entirety, to the monastics and clergy of the monasteries of the Russian Ecclesiastical (ROCOR) Mission in the Holy Land.

This Diocese-wide appeal is being organised via the Diocesan Cathedral of the Nativity of the Most Holy Mother of God and the Holy Royal Martyrs of Russia, London. This means your donation will be received by the Cathedral, and once all funds are assembled together, they will be passed along to the Holy Land via the Diocese.

Click here to make a donation now via PayPal (Please make sure to add a note in PayPal, indicating the purpose of your donation as ‘Holy Land Appeal’.)

Alternatively, should you wish to make a donation via direct Bank Transfer or cheque, please visit the Donation Page for complete details on doing either.