Repose of Subdeacon Prince Dmitri Nicolayevich Galitzine

[caption id=“attachment_2075” align=“alignleft” width=“300”] In this photograph Prince Dmitri Galitzine (at that time a Reader) holds a portrait of the Tsar-Martyr at a panikhida served before the Cenotaph in Whitehall, London, July 1978. Others in the photograph (from l. to r.): Archimandrite Alexis, Choir Director Antonina Vladimirovna Ananina and Starosta Count Wladimir Petrovich Kleinmichel.[/caption] Subdeacon Prince Dmitri Galitzine, who for many years was a parishioner of the London Russian Orthodox Church Outside Russia, passed away on Wednesday, 9th March, 2016, aged 88.

Charity Fair

In the afternoon of 6th March the parish house of the Cathedral at 57 Harvard Rd hosted a charity fair. The event was organised by the Sisterhood of St Xenia, and the raised funds totalled one thousand and fifty five pounds. All these funds will go towards: Maintenance of pupils at the Orthodox School for girls in Bethany, Palestine (link in Russian).