Coronavirus update: 09/01/2021

Dear parishioners, we have changed the rules for attending services. For services within the Church, only 40 people can be into the upper church, and only 20 people into the lower church. Distance inside the church 1.5 - 2.0 m. One cannot expect communion outside the Church. On Sundays, you can come after the late service for communion and confession. Those who wish to receive the Holy Communion after the Liturgy must contact Fr. Vitaly 07935700721.

Archbishop Mark’s October visit to London

His Eminence Archbishop Mark of Berlin, Germany and Great Britain made one of his regular visits to his Cathedral parish at Harvard Road, west London from 22nd to 25th October, 2015. On Friday, 23rd October, Vladyka Mark hosted in the Cathedral Hall a regular meeting of the Pan-Orthodox Episcopal Assembly of Britain and Ireland. The ten archbishops, bishops, and priests who attended the meeting were afterwards invited to inspect progress with the painting of frescoes inside the Cathedral.

Starosta Vera Alexandrovna McClenaghan

В среду 17/30 Сентября, 2015 мы праздновали Попра́зднство Крестовоздвижения, а также день памяти св мучениц Веры, Надежды, Любви и Матери их Софии. Виталий Серапинас отслужил Божественную Литургию в Нижней Церкви Кафедрального Собора на Харвард Роуд. Многие из наших прихожанок праздновали свои именины в этот день, и прежде всего, наша староста Вера Александровна Макленаган. После Божественной Литургии о.