Coronavirus update: 09/01/2021

Dear parishioners, we have changed the rules for attending services. For services within the Church, only 40 people can be into the upper church, and only 20 people into the lower church. Distance inside the church 1.5 - 2.0 m. One cannot expect communion outside the Church. On Sundays, you can come after the late service for communion and confession. Those who wish to receive the Holy Communion after the Liturgy must contact Fr. Vitaly 07935700721.

Sunday & Monday 06.01 to 07.01 - Christmas Eve & Christmas Services

В Сочельник, 6-го числа, помимо Литургии в 10:00 и всенощного бдения в 17:00 будет литургия в 23:30. У тех, кому в понедельник на работу, есть шанс причаститься в Рождество. На Рождество, 7-го числа, будет Литургия в 10:00 и всенощное бдение в 18:00.On Christmas Eve apart from Liturgy at 10:00 and Vigil at 17:00, there will be a Liturgy at 23:30.