Coronavirus update: 09/01/2021

Dear parishioners, we have changed the rules for attending services. For services within the Church, only 40 people can be into the upper church, and only 20 people into the lower church. Distance inside the church 1.5 - 2.0 m. One cannot expect communion outside the Church. On Sundays, you can come after the late service for communion and confession. Those who wish to receive the Holy Communion after the Liturgy must contact Fr. Vitaly 07935700721.

Pan Orthodox Vespers Sunday

В этом году Всеправославная вечерня будет проходить в Грузинском Православном Соборе Рождества Христова на Rookwood Rd, London N16 6SS, в неделю Торжества Православия 4 марта. Начало службы в 18:00, при участии Archbishop Gregorios of Thyateira and Great Britain, Archbishop Elisey of Sourozh, Archbishop Zenon of Great Britain & Ireland and other hierarchs, clergy and faithful of the Orthodox churches in London.

Weekly Moleben to the Most Holy Mother of God

По пятницам, в 18:30 в нашем храме служится молебен с акафистом Пресвятой Богородице народным пением, с небольшой беседой.Every Friday from 18:30 in our Cathedral, there is a prayer service with the Akathist to the Most Holy Mother of God. After the service there is a short sermon.

Holy Unction

God willing, HE Archbishop Mark will be coming to London over the weekend 24-25 March (4th Sunday of Lent, St John Climacus) to celebrate the mystery of the Holy Unction with the Clergy of the Diocese on Saturday 24th March. Full details to be announced shortly. The mystery of holy unction provides both physical and spiritual healing with holy oil blessed by the Holy Spirit.