Evening meetings for single young people 2017

Dear Parishioners and site visitors!

This year we continue our monthly evening meetings for single young people and also for those whose marriage has broken down but who would have liked to correct their situation based on lessons learnt. During our meetings we are talking about Orthodox teaching on marriage, relationship between men and women in a family and society, sharing multi-cultural experience on this subject, exchanging and analyzing real life stories and learning about how a prayer can help.

Dear brothers and sisters! Please do not think of our meetings as a traditional “meeting people club”! We are aiming to help Orthodox Christians that are living their lives according to Church teachings to meet friends of the same denomination, traditions and attitude towards life.

Our meetings are taking part on Fridays after Akafist (approx. 19:15 p.m. in the Church building or library) and are scheduled on the following Year 2017 dates:

27th January

24th February

10th March

21st of April

19th of May

2nd of June

8th of September

20th of October

3rd of November

15th of December


Have trust in God!