Coronavirus: 04/07/2020

In connection with the pandemic, all church visitors must comply with hygiene requirements and maintain a safe distance. To fulfill these requirements, the number of people praying at services is limited.

On Sunday the 7th of October at 2 p.m. our church hosts a charitable concert of the male vocal ensemble ‘The Slavyane’

Male vocal ensemble ‘The Slavyane’ is touring the UK with charitable concerts in support of social ministries of St Elisabeth convent, located in Minsk, Belarus. Their concerts in the UK will feature chants of the Orthodox Divine Liturgy as well as Russian, Belarusian and Ukrainian traditional folk songs.

Spiritual and social help to the sick and the suffering is an indispensable part of the life at the convent that bears the name of Holy Martyr Elisabeth (Grand Princess Elisabeth, a granddaughter of British Queen Victoria, who organized the first SS Martha and Mary Convent for the impoverished and the needy in Moscow). Apart from the patients of the National Psychiatric Clinic, the sisters and brothers of the Convent take care of the children who stay at the boarding home for mentally and physically challenged children; the residents of the boarding home for mentally challenged adults; orphanage No.7 for children with special needs (about 200 sick children); scientific research institute of pulmonology and physiatry; the municipal skin and venereology clinic.

The convent also operates a farmstead located 19 miles from Minsk. There the sisters try to bring back to social life former drug and alcohol addicts. We plan to build a similar rehabilitation centre for females and a Sunday school for children soon.

Ca. 25 workshops operate within the frameworks of the Convent, making with love and prayer beautiful icons, church goods and souvenirs in order to support and develop the charitable work of St Elisabeth Convent.

Beside a remarkable opportunity to enjoy good music, you will be able to participate in the charitable activities of the Convent. We and the people we cater for will be grateful to you for your donations.

May the Lord bless you and your loved ones!

Please visit to learn more about the St Elisabeth convent and their social ministries.