Coronavirus: 04/07/2020

In connection with the pandemic, all church visitors must comply with hygiene requirements and maintain a safe distance. To fulfill these requirements, the number of people praying at services is limited.

Pilgrimage to the Parish Church of Saint John of Shanghai

Early on Saturday morning 6th July, a group of 40 pilgrims set off from the Cathedral of the Dormition to visit St John Maxomovitch’s Church in Colchester to celebrate their feast with Fr Andrew Phillips and his parishioners. A further 10 pilgrims from the Church joined us at the Colchester in time for the Liturgy

The Liturgy started at 10am and Fr Andrew concelebrated with Fr Peter Baulk. The service was beautifully sung by the choir and Russian and English was used throughout. The gospel was proclaimed in Romanian, Slavonic and English and after the Liturgy, a Cross Procession was held, which was followed by a parish meal provided by members of Fr Andrew’s parish

There were several requests on the way home for the Parish to organise other pilgrimages, including a pilgrimage to venerate St Spyridon of Trimythous’s Relics on the Island of Corfu.