Coronavirus update: 05/11/2020

The Church is closed for public worship during the lockdown. Clerics perform services without people. After the end of the Liturgy, you can come for confession and communion. Those who wish to receive the Holy Communion should contact Fr. Vitaly 07935700721 to arrange a time for your visit to church.

Pilgrimage to Saints of Corfu


Early November, fifteen pilgrims from our cathedral came back from the trip to island of Corfu. The pilgrimage has been headed by our parish Priest arch-priest fr Peter (Baulk). Main theme of the pilgrimage has been veneration of Heavenly protectors of Corfu, as well as veneration of relics of other major Orthodox Saints and Teachers of the Church.

Most of the pilgrims stayed in Corfu for 5 days 28/10/15-1/11/15, however some of the people decided to stay one or two days longer to participate procession, which happens 4 times a year, including 1 of November. This procession by centuries-old tradition is always headed by St Spridon himself, and after the end of his earthly live, his relics are brought out in front pf the procession. The program of the pilgrimage has been very intense and interesting. Here is just some of the highlights of the pilgrimage.

The pilgrims particiapted in Lithurgu in St Spiridon Cathedral, served among other priests by fr Peter.
Also vsited St John the Baptist Cathedral which contains relics of St Theodore Ushakov.
venerated the relics of St Feodora (protector of icons).
relics of martyr St Vasili Sevastiisky, the 4th century bishop of Armenia.
St Nicholas Of Myra.
Traveled to the oldest church in Corfu, that of the holy Apostles Jason and Sisipatra, co-workers with St Paul the Apostle.
Visited Monasteries of St Kassopitra (mens), convent of St Ephimia (womens), Monastery of St Paraskeva of Rome, Monastery of the Pantocrator near St Afphonasiy, which is famous for its iconography and iconographers. Monastery of St Dimitri, the Skete of Pantocrator of Kamarela.
Monastery of the Mother of God, as well as many other holy sites of this venerable island, many relics and shrines.
Pilgrims came back to Britain spiiritually renewed and brought back with them many photographs
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