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Due to the coronavirus pandemic, all services are temporarily cancelled. Priests continue to fulfill pastoral duties. You can contact them in case of emergency.

Pilgrimage to Parish of St John of Shanhai

On 4 of July 2015 our Cathedral orginised pilgrimage to the parish of St John of Shanhai in Colchester, which is now may be considered as a traditional, as it has been going on for a few years.

There were about 30 parishioners from our parish, amonth those 5 children. 25 of us went to Colchester directly from Harvard Road by hired bus.
The rest arrived to Cochester by cars. The pilgrimage has been led by our own Archpriest Peter Baulk.

There were four priest serving the Lithurgy, the Rector of the parish Archpriest Andrew Phillips, Archpriest Peter, Archpriest Patrick Hodson and Hieromonk Ambrose (from Turin), as well as deacon Ion Iana.

After the liturgy we had a short moleben and procession, then sang Vechnaya Pamyat to our deceased hierarchs and bishops in London and then sang Many Years to all those gathered.

After the Lithurgy, there was a traditional Feastal Lunch. All our Pilgrims were received very warmly at our sister-parish of St John.