Coronavirus: 04/07/2020

In connection with the pandemic, all church visitors must comply with hygiene requirements and maintain a safe distance. To fulfill these requirements, the number of people praying at services is limited.

Pilgrimage to Macedonia

Dear Fathers, brothers and sisters:

As some of you may already know, our parishioners Dragan and Alla are going to be married on 9th June in Macedonia, Dragan´s homeland. Since they have full-heartedly invited us to celebrate this very special event with them in Macedonia, we have also decided to organise a pilgrimage around some of the local Holy sites around the same time.

More details of the pilgrimage are still emerging, but the details of our arrival into and departure from Macedonia have already been fixed as follows:

Departure from London Luton airport on 6th June (Thursday) WizzAir flight W6 7702 at 8:20am, arriving in Skopje (capital of Macedonia) at 12:30pm.
Leaving Skopje at 5:15am on 11th June (Tuesday) WizzAir flight W6 7701 to return to London Luton at 7:35am.

Over the last few days, the airfare has risen from about 100 pounds per person (return) to about 170: please check for current prices. The hope that the prices go down is rather slim, so please consider acting soon if you would like to join us (22 people at the time of compiling this announcement). You may want to note that the airlines offers a discount card for about 25 pounds, and the card entitles the owner as well as up to nine accompanying passengers to a notable discount.
If, and as soon as, you buy tickets to join us, please email your names to Alexey at .

Expected costs:
1. Transport (apart from the airfare): About 50 pounds per person (not including infants who would not be requiring individual seats)
2. Lodging: 4 nights at a hotel at the rate of 14 pounds (incl. Breakfast) per person (single room) per night, or 24 pounds per a couple sharing a double room (children up to 10 stay free of charge).
3. Meals: Once a day – local restaurants (a three course meal costs an equivalent of about 6-7 pounds), other times – at monasteries
4. Donations at the monasteries that we will be visiting (some with overnight stay) and dining at – to be discussed in the course of the pilgrimage
5. Please decide for yourself if buying any insurance is appropriated in your case (note that Macedonia is not an EU member).

Preliminary programme:
1. Thursday – Holy sites in and around Skopje (the capital)
2. Friday – West of the country, including Prilep and Bitola, which is where St John (Maximovich) of Shanghai and San-Francisco used to serve
3. Saturday – West of the country, including Ohrid
4. Sunday – Liturgy followed by Sacred Mystery of Marriage at the Monastery of St Gabriel of Lesnovo. In the evening – wedding dinner at the town of Vinica (Dragan´s home town )
5. Monday – East of the country
6. Tuesday 1:30am departure for the airport of Skopje (flight at 5:15am).