Pilgrimage to Bari

Dear brothers and sisters,

We are organizing a pilgrimage to Bari, Italy to visit relics of St Nicolas and also potentially the place of Archangel Michael (100 km from Bari).

The dates are 30 October – 2 November.

Accommodation will be at the Russian Church in Bari (25 euros per night per person), flight tickets are approximately 150 GBP per person.

If you are interested, please contact Alla or Aushra/Victoria at the below contact details.
Alla – ur.li1553380743am@no1553380743sbora1553380743lla1553380743 +447818686888 Aushra/Victoria – ku.oc1553380743.liam1553380743toh@7155338074351ars1553380743ua1553380743

Thank you & God Bless