Coronavirus: all services temporarily cancelled

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, all services are temporarily cancelled. Priests continue to fulfill pastoral duties. You can contact them in case of emergency.

November visit of His Eminence Vladyka Irinei.

His Grace Bishop Irinei arrives in London on Saturday 18/11. On Sunday, 19/11,
Vladika Irinei, together with Archbishop Elisey of Sourozh, will lead the Divine
Liturgy. The joint divine service will be performed in memory of the tenth anniversary
of the reunification of the Russian Orthodox Church Outside of Russia and the
Russian Orthodox Church of the Moscow Patriarchate.
Vladyka Irinei will participate in divine services on 21/11 and 22/11, and then visit
other parishes.
Evening 23/11 at 19:00 Bishop Irinei invites everyone to take part in spiritual
conversation “Spiritual understanding Nativity Fast.” Vladyka plans to hold spiritual
talks in all his subsequent visits.
After the Divine Liturgy 24/11, Vladyka Irinei ends his visit to our Diocese.