Coronavirus: all services temporarily cancelled

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, all services are temporarily cancelled. Priests continue to fulfill pastoral duties. You can contact them in case of emergency.

Discussion: Orthodox Family

We continue discussing important questions about life of orthodox Christians in the society. The next topic that we will discuss on Sunday, the 3rd of March, during the Sunday meal will be “Orthodox Family”. We suggest discussing the following questions:

  • Family structure and hierarchy from the Orthodox Christian point of view. What’s the fraught with breaking of this structure?
  • What modern stereotypes destroy the family or prevent from building one? (“Live just for yourself”, “first comes the career, then the family”, “everyone is unfaithful” and others).
  • Children in schools are taught that homosexuality, cohabitation before marriage, premarital and extramarital affairs are normal. How do we explain a danger of these to children and teenagers?
  • What are the challenges in a family where only one spouse is Orthodox, or a spouse belongs to a different Christian confession (catholic or protestant)?

We invite everyone to our discussion!