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Concert of the male vocal ensemble ‘Arto Doxo’

On 13 December 2015 at 3 pm making its debut performance at our Cathedral, the male vocal ensemble ‘Arto Doxo’ will be holding their concert.

This ensemble consists of musicians who live in London, who in their music use the language of art in order to worship the Holy Trinity. One of the central traditions of Orthodoxy is unaccompanied singing, which remains an inextinguishable part of any service – and this tradition has attained a 2000 year history. Just as icons are a way of describing and explaining the Gospel, so it is with the music, communicating it through colours or notes.

Music brings to us a certain order, and aids us to consider the eternal. The main surviving Orthodox chanting traditions had their beginnings in Byzantium and Old Russia. The drive to find the essence of these ancient traditions in their many forms is something that unites the singers of ‘Arto Doxo’. The repertoire of the choir comprises Orthodox music from many different historical eras, styles and origins. This dive into the musical history allows us all to see that this is not music of the past nor of the present, nor indeed of the future – but music of eternity, a time period which has no beginning nor end, a time without hours, the reality of timelessness. The mission of the choir is to unite the different eras, in the 21st century, in the essence of art itself and at the same hearken back to the traditions of the apostolic age (hence the Greek name Δόξα).

The programme will include Diletsky, Chesnokov, Grechaninov, Kedrov, Lvovsky, Trubachev, Greek chants.

We cordially invite all to this concert of the Orthodox male vocal quintet ‘Arto Doxo’.

Free admission.