Coronavirus: 04/07/2020

In connection with the pandemic, all church visitors must comply with hygiene requirements and maintain a safe distance. To fulfill these requirements, the number of people praying at services is limited.

Discussion: Orthodox Christians in Modern London

Dear parishioners!

We plan a series of discussions about life of Orthodox Christians in today’s society.

Mass media, new technologies and the possibilities they give, our life in a multinational megalopolis bring up important questions about how to raise children, how to arrange our everyday life and leisure time, how to communicate with people of different cultures. All of us seek answers to these questions – whether they are everyday or philosophical. We suggest that we meet together and discuss these important and interesting topics, let our pastors give us an advice, and share our own experience.

The first discussion will take place on the 7th of October right after the Sunday meal.
Its topic will be “Orthodox Christians in Modern London”


Here are some questions that we plan to discuss:
• London is a multinational city. What is important to know and remember when we deal with people of different cultures and religions?
• Is Orthodoxy tolerant?
• If my colleagues bring some food to celebrate their religious holiday, shall I try it?
• If sectarian preachers approach me on the street, shall I keep up the conversation?
• They at school celebrate Halloween. What shall Orthodox parents do?
• English people celebrate Christmas when we Orthodox keep the fast. How to avoid blame and offence when colleagues, friends, and schoolmates would like us to join them and to celebrate?

If you’ve got more questions about this topic and would like to add them, simply write them down and leave it to those on duty at the candle box. Or just come to the discussion and ask what you feel is important.